Vintage Muscle Magazines

Muscle Training Illustrated special

DateIssueCoverCover AthletesConditionCost
1977   scan Bill Grant,  
1982   scan Tim Beknap,  
1979 July   scan Andreas Cahling,  
1979 September   scan Pat Neve,  
1979 November   scan Tony Emmott,  
1980 January   scan Ray Mentzer,  
1980 March   scan John Kemper, Bette Brown,  
1980 May   scan Terry Phillips,  
1981 March   scan Anthony Pandolfo, Bette Brown,  
1979 January   scan history of bodybuilding,  
1980 June   scan 40 years of bodybuilding,  
1980 April   scan Dave Spector, female,  
1980 September   scan Anibol Lopez,  
1981 April   scan Ed Corney,  
1982 January   scan Andreas Cahling, Nancy Chesloe,  
1984 March   scan Georgia Fudge, Deborah Diana, Carla Dunlap,  
1982 December   scan Dave Spector, Shelly Gruwell,  
1983 June   scan Jusup Wilkosz, Lana Thulson,  
1984 December   scan Sam Capelouto, Linda Meckle,