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An internet resource for the collector of  bodybuilding, weightlifting, physique and strength magazines.


Please contact me if you have bodybuilding magazines, books, courses, photos, posters or other memorabilia for sale.  vintagemusclemags@gmail.com  

If you want to be contacted about offers for the sale and purchase of Bodybuilding/Weightlifting material and requests for information, please send your name and email address to vintagemusclemags@gmail.com to have it added to a contact list.

This website has been established to assist collectors in their search for magazines and related material to add to their collections and for anyone who appreciates bodybuilding, weightlifting, physique and strength magazines and wants to view and research the history of such magazines. 

One frustration in collecting can be searching for a magazine that you eventually discover does not exist. Now, by clicking on magazines you have access to a database of nearly 13,000 magazines with a listing of month, year, volume and issue number and cover person(s) and in many cases a scan. If you have scans of magazines that presently do not have one I would appreciate you sharing it with me and visitors to this site.  You will be acknowledged for your kindness. Since accurate information is important, any corrections or additions will also be welcomed.

If there is a magazine or a related book or course you want to add to your collection or you need further information about a particular magazine, cover person or other pertinent subject matter, please contact me.  I will do what I can to assist you in locating it. 

There is now a search engine located at the bottom of the magazine link, so that you can find magazines by cover person name.

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